Thursday, 27 May 2010

Exciting Observational Drawing

I don't know about you but my memories of observational drawing
were sitting at a desk staring at a vase.

This wouldn't do for us!
We were off to the bird sanctuary to see and feed some birds...
and do the odd drawing of course!

Big Seed and Fairycake holding hands to the entrance.

They watched some swans and ducks from a window
and made some lovely crayon drawings.

Here is Big Seed throwing bird seed at them.

This is my favourite picture of today.
You can't tell what it is?
Well it's a large group of flamingos obviously !

Note to self... must get outside more with the crayons,
so simple.

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  1. What a lovely morning it was too! Fairycake really enjoyed herself...great focus to have the drawing.
    I need to talk to you about a very special place we can visit to show the children about cob building and other interesting things. Vx


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